Reiki Treatment

What to expect during a Reiki treatment

During our initial consultation explain the process of o reiki treatment so you feel totally comfortable. I will ask questions about your general wellbeing and take notes to help keep track of the session/s These notes and discussiions are strictly confidential.

During the Reiki treatment, you remain dressed and relax comfortably on a massage table with cushions and a blanket. While gentle music plays in the background I will proceed to place my hands non-intrusively either just over points of your body or in some instances lightly on your body. I find that many of my clients drift off to sleep as they find the treatment overwhelmingly relaxing. 

Clients who struggle to lie on the table can sit on a chair where the treatment can be given just as effectively.

Clients react differently during a Reiki treatment, most feel very relaxed and often drift off, others see colours, feel warm or cold sensations or have tingling sensations. All are perfectly natural and very common.

Reiki It is a remarkable experience and the results varying from person to person, some feel the effects are immediate while others notice improvements after a few days.

Can a Reiki Practitioner tell you what is wrong with you?

No. Unless your practitioner is also a medical doctor, they will not diagnose any ailment you may have. The purpose of Reiki is to alleviate pain by aligning the flow of chi through your body. If you are concerned about any underlying condition causing these symptoms, it is recommended you also see your GP.